Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5, 2010

Here is today's prayer:

Holy God, today I give you thanks for the people you have placed in my life. I thank you for those who challenge me and for those who hold me accountable. I thank you for those who comfort me and for those that cause me to think. I thank you for those who are merciful to me and for those who support me in times of trial. I thank you for those whose shoulders I stand on and for those whose footsteps I follow in. I thank you for those who love me unconditionally and those who walk this journey with me faithfully. I thank you for everyone that you have placed in my life that is a reflection of you.

Gracious God, today I especially give you thanks for ___________________ (fill in the blank with your own name). My life would not be what it is today without the very special gift of their presence, their friendship, and their love.

As I go forward from this day God, grant that I may be like those I have given you thanks for, not because I want to be celebrated or thanked, but because it would be just one more way I could be a vessel of your mercy and grace...it could simply be one more way I can bring glory and honor to you.

In Christ's name I pray. Amen.

*Because today is my anniversary with my wife, I filled her name in the blank...I could have never adequately asked for so rich a blessing in my life.

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