Sunday, July 27, 2014

Morning Reflections - Worship

We talk a lot about worship.  What does it mean for us to worship in Spirit and in truth?  Should we use instruments or not?  What is the right style?  How loud or soft should it be?

The funny thing to me is that with many worship conversations, our thoughts tend to drift to things other than ourselves and not the Other (as in God), but rather anything and everything else outside of ourselves or God.  I'll leave the conversation about God in worship or as an object of our worship for a post on another day.  What about us though?

It has always seemed to me, to borrow from the lyrics of a once popular contemporary praise song, that you and I were made to worship.  It is wired into our DNA.  Why wouldn't communion with Holy God not be a life giving necessity that blesses both the worshiper and the object of our worship?

Here is an interesting thought regarding each of us as a worshiper:
"Our entire being is fashioned as an instrument of praise. Just as a master violin
maker designs an instrument to produce maximum aesthetic results, so God
tailor-made our bodies, souls and spirits to work together in consonance to produce
pleasing expressions of praise and worship. When we use body language to express
praise, that which is internal becomes visible." p.60 "A Heart For Worship" by Lamar Boschman.

What would happen if we used the gifts God gave us in worship?  What would happen if we worshiped with such complete abandon that the instruments of worship that God created us to be were free to be themselves?  I think we would begin to see a clearer picture of what the Gospel writer was trying to convey in Jesus' words about worshiping in spirit and in truth.  I think our worship services of all shapes and sizes would begin to be more passionate and more relevant simply by being more authentic.  Who knows, we might even be so bold as to dance before The Lord once again as David did.

Today's prayer - God, help us to get out of the way today that we may truly worship you with all of our body, mind and spirit; whatever that may look like.  Prepare us to encounter you today and grant us the fullness of your presence.  Amen.

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